Nieuwe artikelen

Nieuwe artikelen

Er is de laatste tijd weer een aantal artikelen verschenen, bijvoorbeeld in de Reference Services Review, zie hier

– Library instruction and information literacy 2021 by Carolyn Caffrey and colleagues. [This is the useful annual annotated bibliography – 482 items in 80 pages!]
– Libraries and financial literacy by Péter Kiszl, Bea Winkler
– Financial literacy resources in US public libraries: website analysis by Ash E. Faulkner
– Search tools and scholarly citation practices in literary studies by Carl A. Lehnen, Glenda M. Insua

In de College & Research Libraries News, zie hier

 Library outreach to Living Learning Communities: A case study by Sara McCaslin, Katherine Howell, Laura DeLancey
– Looking at information with the sociological eye: Introducing the sociology companion document by Gina Schlesselman-Tarango. 

In de Journal of Information Literacy, zie hier

– Information literacy and the body in the Kente-weaving landscape by Franklin Gyamfi Agyemang, Nicoline Wessels
– The faculty-focused model of information literacy by Jane Hammons
– Teaching and its discontents by Heidi Julien, Melissa Gross, Don Latham – Breaking down bias by Joel M. Burkholder, Kat Phillips
– Students, academic reading and information literacy in a time of COVID by Jane Secker, Elizabeth Tilley

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