Nieuwe artikelen in de Journal of Information Literacy

Nieuwe artikelen in de Journal of Information Literacy

De volgende artikelen kun je vinden in de nieuwste (46ste) editie van de (open access) Journal of Information Literacy:

 Information as a relation: Defining Indigenous information literacy by Sandra Littletree, Nicola Andrews, Jessie Loyer
– Emerging artists in transition: What role does information play in negotiating success and failure? by Maud Cooper
– An information literacy lens on community representation for participatory budgeting in Brazil by Peter Cruickshank, Bruce Ryan
– Engaging with practice: Information literacy instruction as a part of developing reflective thinking and clinical judgement in nursing studies by Margrethe Bakstad Søvik, Kari Røykenes
– Insights on first-generation students’ development of social capital for the rigours of college-level research by Leslin H. Charles
– Artificial intelligence literacy in libraries: Experiences and critical impressions from a learning circle by Karolina Andersdotter
– Giving voice to regional Australian academic librarians: Perceptions of information literacy and information literacy instruction by Annette Goodwin, Waseem Afzal
– Information literacy: Did Alvin Toffler beat Paul Zurkowski to it? by Andrew Shenton


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