UKSG conferentie: call for papers

UKSG conferentie: call for papers

Op 15 en 15 november zal de jaarlijkse UKSG conferentie (online) plaatsvinden. De call for papers is geopend met als deadline 19 juli. Het thema is “Enriching Scholarship: how libraries and publishers educate, enhance and inform scholarly works”.

De scope waar je aan moet denken is de volgende:

We are interested to hear from you about your projects and thoughts in the following areas.  Just as librarianship is a lot more than collection management, publishing is far broader than peer review.  In this UKSG November Conference we’ll be exploring all the ways in which our community acts to enrich scholarship, within the following themes:

Research integrity. As a community we spend a lot of time talking about research integrity – but what is it, who’s responsible, and how do we get that message out to researchers?

Open scholarship. We know that open scholarship can and often does increase the administrative burden on researchers. How can we best mitigate that workload and continue to support the research process while opening up?  It can also add to the workload of the information professionals involved – what does that look like and what are the answers?

Information literacy. With the proliferation of fake news, and more recently the hallucinations of artificial intelligence, the ability to find and evaluate information sources is increasingly critical for scholars. Libraries and publishers are key sources of information literacy education, and we’d love to hear about what you are doing in that space. 

Digital and blended learning. While Covid-19 pushed many institutions towards digital and blended learning in place of traditional lectures, these tools have remained in place as the world has started to re-open. What kinds of materials and support do lecturers need to deliver these new modalities, and how have they impacted on traditional tools like textbooks? 


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