Nieuwe artikelen in Portal en Library Trends

Nieuwe artikelen in Portal en Library Trends

Er zijn de afgelopen tijd weer nieuwe artikelen verschenen in de diverse vakbladen:

In Portal: Libraries and the Academy:

– Hammons, J. (2023). A Profile of Teaching and Learning Departments in ARL Libraries. portal: Libraries and the Academy 23(1), 111-144.
– Ferguson, J.S. (2023). Flipping the (COVID-19) Classroom: Redesigning a First-Year Information Literacy Program during a Pandemic. portal: Libraries and the Academy 23(1), 145-168.
– Miyaoka, M., Toolsidass, R., & Magee, M. (2023). Embedded Librarians and Scaffolding for Remote Learning. portal: Libraries and the Academy 23(1), 169-195.
– Daines, J.G., III, Kopp, M.G., & Skeem, D.M. (2022). Bridging the Gap: Competencies for Teaching with Primary Sources. portal: Libraries and the Academy 22(4), 855-878.
– Ma, L.F.H., Horban, Y., & Skachenko, O. (2022). Enhancing Academic Integrity in Academic Libraries: The Experience in Hong Kong and Ukraine. portal: Libraries and the Academy 22(4), 797-810.


Themanummer Joy of Information in: Library Trends (Volume 70, Nummer 4), zie

 Love Is a Lens: Locating Love in Library and Information Studies by Mary Greenshields, Sarah  Polkinghorne
– Finding Joy in Uncertainty by Amanda S. Hovious
– A Return to the Stone Age: Rock Art as Joyful Information Practice during COVID-19 by Bonnie J. Tulloch
– Aftercare, Not an Afterthought: Providing Access to Records to Adults Formerly in Care by Camille Moret, Abigail Wallace
– Pleasure and the Practice of Classification by Amanda Belantara, Emily Drabinski
– Taking Flight with Document Diffraction by Alex Urban
 PLATO Lessons: Rediscovering the Joy of Information in an Innovation Age by Paul F. Marty
– Manifestations of Joy of Information in Everyday Information Behavior Research by Reijo Savolainen

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