EBLIDA Conference (Lissabon)

EBLIDA Conference (Lissabon)

Date(s) - 08-04-2024 - 10-04-2024
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In many countries in Europe libraries, library academies and library associations struggle with the question of how to staff the library to prepare for the future.

The EBLIDA conference “Charting the future of libraries” in Lisbon April 9, 2024, places this question as the central topic.

Due to economic challenges, demographic changes, developments within the information society – in social media and in artificial intelligence- and the threats to democracy, the needs of citizens and of society are changing in an unprecedented speed and direction.

Libraries – as always – try to adjust to the needs of the community they serve. Looking back, the changes in libraries in the past decades have been enormous, transformative and are reflective of a strong and flexible profession.

Meer weten? Klik hier: https://eblida2024.sciencesconf.org/

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